What are Some Benefits of a Pet Ball Python?

If you’re thinking about getting a pet, it’s a good idea! Pets are proven to be good for your health. For example, they trigger the release of oxytocin, a hormone that not just enhances your capacity for social bonding but also lowers stress levels. Dogs, cats, fish, and birds are some of the top choices for pets but while snakes may freak out many many people if you don’t mind them, consider them as a viable pet option. The ball python in particular could make a great pet. Why?

Here are some benefits of a pet ball python. 

Low Maintenance 

The truth is that a lot of pets are high maintenance and while that’s great for energetic people with lots of free time, this fact prevents a significant number of people from becoming pet owners – including frail seniors, busy professionals, students, etc. 

Ball pythons make low-maintenance pets for several reasons. For example: 

  • Relative to other snakes, they’re small, growing to between 3 to 5 feet in length and needing less space 
  • They are generally even-tempered, not needing as much handling to ward off agitation like other species 
  • They feed primarily on rodents easily found at pet stores or online once a week 
  • They don’t require a complex ecosystem in which to survive, just a warm humid place with a hide box and a water bowl 

No Allergies 

Another deterrent to owning pets is pet allergy where one is allergic to allergens or proteins found in animal hair, skin cells, saliva, or urine that triggers reactions like itchy skin, scratchy throat, hives, stuffy nose, and even worsening asthma symptoms

Except for rare cases, ball pythons do not produce these allergens – no hair for example – meaning that they’re ideal if you have a pet allergy. Still, it’s a good idea to find out if you fall in the category of people allergic to snakes before you invest in and get attached to a pet snake; such as if you develop skin irritation after handling reptiles or even respiratory problems like shortness of breath. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

One of the most common appeals of pets is just how cute they are! Ball pythons are no exception as they’re widely acknowledged to be aesthetically pleasing pets. Why? 

For one thing, they come in striking colors as well as patterns; combinations of pink, yellow, orange, and whites in patterns of stripes or spots. Plus, their smooth scales mean a sleek and shiny appearance. Even the small streamlined face of a ball python contributes to the overall aesthetic, including small beady eyes that often translates to an intensely focused look that can be quite captivating. 

Choosing a pet shouldn’t just be based on vibes. You also want to think about things like maintenance, allergies, and yes cuteness!